In case you are a UK National, you do not require a Spain Visa to travel to Spain. However, foreign residents in the UK are liable to get a Spain Schengen Visa prior traveling to Spain. This Spain Visa Permit sanctions the holder to travel across Spain & other 25 Schengen countries without needing a separate visa. However, the visa should be applied for the country where you will stay for the longest duration.

The minimum Spain Schengen Visa processing time as intimated by the Spanish Consulate is 13-14 days. However, it may take up to 3 weeks or more depending up on the evaluation done by the Embassy.

The Consulates of Spain in the United Kingdom are the sole representatives of Spain that issue Spain Visa to the residents & citizens of the UK.

It refers to a Visa Permit that allows the holder to travel in & out of the Schengen Zone multiple times, as long as the visa is valid.

No. Please note that Visa Application fee is non-refundable & is not subjected to refund in case the application is rejected. While we endeavor to assist you to get your Spain Visa, the sole decision on approving your Visa permit depends on the Consulate.

No. The Spain Schengen Visa issued by the Spanish Consulate in UK enables the holder not only to visit Spain but also to travel across the Schengen Zone, which comprises of 26 nations.

The prospective applicants of Spain Visa must ensure the passport is valid for a minimum of 90 days beyond the visa expiration date.

If you are holding a valid Portugal Schengen Visa then your request for a new Visa to Spain will not be accepted. You may travel to Spain & other Schengen countries as long as your Portugal Visa is valid, however, you should stay the longest in the country that you have applied visa for.

After the Portugal Schengen Visa is expired, you may go ahead & apply for a Visa to Spain.

Yes, a multiple-entry Schengen Visa will enable you to travel to Schengen Zone multiple times within a pre-defined time-period. Upon Visa expiration, you can extend its limit by contacting a Schengen Visa Agent in the Schengen Country.

No, each family member is required to fill a separate Spain Visa Online Application form. Please note that a separate application form is to be filled even for an infant.